BOOS plays a vital role in publicising fellowships in orthopaedic oncology, acting as a bridge between aspiring healthcare professionals and the opportunities that can shape their careers.

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (Stanmore)

The RNOH forms the surgical arm of the London Sarcoma Service. It receives in excess of 3,800 referrals per year and treats 250 soft tissue sarcomas and 120 high grade malignant bone tumours. The unit comprises five consultant orthopaedic oncologists who are supported by teams of specialist radiologists, pathologists, clinical nurse specialists, MDT coordinators and admin staff. The clinical and medical oncology services are provided by University College London Hospitals NHS Trust with whom we work very closely as a team. All forms of limb salvage surgery are undertaken using complex biological and endoprosthetic reconstructions. The fellowship lasts for one year and usually starts on 1st August each year.

Oxford Sarcoma Service – Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

The Oxford Sarcoma Service is the primary sarcoma service for the central and southwest UK. It receives around 1500 referrals per year, with surgery on >200 primary tumours of bone, >400 primary soft tissue tumours and many complex metastatic orthopaedic cases. It is a multidisciplinary service consisting of three consultant orthopaedic oncologists, plastic surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, clinical nurse specialists, specialist musculoskeletal radiologists and pathologists.

The Oxford Stanmore Extreme Orthopaedic fellowship provides the opportunity to work within the Oxford Sarcoma Service as a key member of the orthopaedic surgical team. The fellow has the opportunity to be involved with, and take part in, all aspects of orthopaedic oncology with a key focus on limb salvage and reconstruction. The fellow also has regular exposure to complex reconstructive revision arthroplasty and complex primary arthroplasty surgery.

The fellowship lasts 6-12 months and typically starts August each year.


Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (Birmingham)

Oncology services at the The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital are among the most pioneering in the world. We are a specialist centre, treating local, national and international patients.

Individuals interested in Orthopaedic Oncology Fellowships or Observerships at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham should contact:








1 Appointment

1.1 The fellowship should be advertised nationally and appointed by formal application and competitive interview.

1.2 The fellowship should have named educational supervisors.

1.3 The fellow must be (or become) a BOOS member

2 Outpatient Clinics

2.1 Essential

    • At least two clinic sessions per week*
    • Access to same day consultant advice on patient management

2.2 Desirable 

  • Consultant clinics run concurrently to facilitate decision-making

2.3 Expected level of competency on completion of fellowship to be equivalent to a day one consultant

3 Theatre Experience

3.1 Essential 

  • At least three sessions of oncology/complex joint reconstruction surgery per week*
  • Named consultant responsible for every list

3.2 Desirable 

  • Consultant lists run concurrently to allow parallel operating opportunities
  • More operating sessions available ad hoc

3.3 Expected surgical competency on completion of fellowship (able to perform independently as a day one consultant)

  • Uncomplicated soft tissue sarcoma excision
  • Surgery for benign bone tumours
  • Proximal femoral replacement
  • Distal femoral replacement 
  • Management of metastatic bone disease

4 MDT attendance

4.1 Essential

    • Attendance at weekly sarcoma MDT meetings
    • Involvement in the diagnostic pathway/triage of referrals
    • Attendance at resection pathology MDT

4.2 Desirable

  • Attendance at surgical planning meeting with Clinical Supervisor and Radiologist

5 Audit/Quality Improvement

5.1 Essential 

  • Log book 
  • Attendance at morbidity and mortality meetings

5.2 Desirable

  • Opportunity for supervised quality improvement projects

6 Research 

6.1 Essential 

  • Minimum one job planned session per week 
  • Fellowship supervising consultants actively involved in research
  • Attendance at regular multidisciplinary research meetings
  • Fellowship research presented at National / International meeting

6.2 Desirable 

    • Fellowship research published in peer-reviewed journal

7 Education

7.1 Essential

  • Completion of the BOOS Diploma course funded by the Institution

8 Personal Development

8.1 Essential 

  • Study leave allowance for time and budget at equivalent level to ST8
  • Attendance at Annual BOOS and/or EMSOS meetings
  • Clear PDP aims should be agreed at the start of the fellowship
  • Formal appraisal at the end of the fellowship
  • On completion of the fellowship the fellow should be able to perform as a day 1 substantive consultant

8.2 Desirable 

  • 1 week visiting another UK / EU affiliated sarcoma centre+

9 Job Plan 

    1. DCC
  • 2 clinic sessions (may be increased if Fellow is supernumerary e.g. sitting in with Consultant)
  • 3 operating sessions (may be increased by negotiation)
  • 1 consultant ward round 
  • 1 MDT 
  • 1 Surgical planning meeting + list planning + clinical admin 

9.2 SPA

  • 1 Research
  • 1 Education
  • 1 Appraisal 
  • Above sessions may be delivered flexibly but not replaced with DCC activity unless agreed with Fellow

Accreditation of Fellowships by BOOS requires completion of application form by the institution requesting accreditation.

This application will be reviewed by two Board members including the Trainee Rep (or training committee member if conflicted) and one other unconflicted member. 

Following this, an application form by the Fellow registering for fellowship should be submitted. 

The appointed Fellow is required to provide feedback to BOOS Board on completion of fellowship to highlight strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. 

An annual review of accredited fellowships will be carried out by the BOOS Board. 

Details of the Annual BOOS Travelling Fellowship will be displayed here when applications are open.