BOOS Board

The Board of the British Orthopaedic Oncology Society (BOOS) plays a pivotal role in guiding and overseeing the organisation's activities.

Comprising dedicated professionals and experts in the field of orthopaedic oncology, the board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of BOOS, organising conferences and educational events, and fostering collaboration among members. They also work diligently to advance research and clinical practices in orthopaedic oncology, ensuring the highest standards of patient care and treatment. Through their leadership and commitment, the Board helps BOOS fulfil its mission of improving the understanding and management of musculoskeletal tumours in the United Kingdom.

BOOS Board Structure 

The BOOS Board comprises 14 members in total:

i) 3 year term for President Elect, President and Past President. (9 years on Board in total).

ii) 4 year term for other officers and Board members which can be extended into a second term (maximum of 8 years)

iii) Election by a proposer and seconder who are BOOS members

iv) Board meetings are held biannually at BOA and BOOS.